Planning To Use Your Truck for Towing Purposes? Here’s a List of What You Should Know

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So you’re planning to go on a family vacation and you’ll need to bring a trailer RV with you. In response to that, you made the call to buy a towing truck. Or maybe it is that your line of work requires a constant need for towing large loads of stuff, for which you answered similarly.

The point is you need a truck.

Ideally, you bought a truck that can already handle the job by itself. However, that happens to be only a small part of it all. In reality, there are tons of external factors that will inevitably play a key role in your experience of driving a towing vehicle.

Meaning it is within your best interests to understand how everything is being brought together in this matter. That way, you’ll have a better grasp of the struggles that you’ll soon be facing regularly.

Understanding the essentials

Overall, the factors that affect towing the most are the size of the cab, the length of the bed, the engine model, the transmission, and whether we are talking about a two-wheel or a four-wheel drive.

In a way, the more you understand these inner workings, the better the performance you’ll get.

So, to ensure that you can get the most out of your new truck, here we have compiled some information regarding each part’s role.

The influence of weight

First and foremost, you have to know how much weight your truck can carry. You should account for the largest weight scenario you could ever face. Luckily, many manufacturers already share this sort of information across their many platforms.

Knowing this will help you understand how much of everything you can take each drive not to overload your truck’s capacity. Doing so could put a significant strain upon it, which is something that you do not want.

However, the matter remains of how you can confirm whether you’ve passed this threshold or not.

To achieve this same task, we recommend weighing your truck and your trailer using a certified scale. Alternatively, you could also make use of a weigh station.

While it is very common for this sort of service to charge a small fee, it goes without saying that it is a worthwhile investment in the long run.

Keep in mind that you need to do this task before you drive. You don’t want to find yourself stressing your truck more than required, especially if you’re first using it.

The engine and transmission partnership

Now comes the matter of how the engine and the transmission work together.

Overall, this combination determines how much your truck can tow while moving, as well as how much it will be able to maintain its regular driving functions for the duration of the drive.

Here are some examples of how things could look like depending on your chosen combination:

  • Compact trucks tend to be sold with either a V6 or a four-cylinder engine under their hood.
  • While V6 engines are usually better than their four-cylinder counterpart, the latter can come in a turbo variant. Turbo variants differ from other engines as they increase your vehicle’s power upon starting to move.
  • Now, let’s put everything we just mentioned into a practical example: the 2020 Chevrolet Colorado. Usually, its default version is sold with a base four-cylinder engine. That alone is equal to a towable amount of 3,500 pounds.
  • However, you could ask for a variant that uses a V6 engine instead, which increases that amount to 7,000 pounds.
  • Or, by opting for a turbo-diesel four-cylinder variant, you can up that amount even further. This would reach the likes of 7,700 towable pounds.

Believe it or not, that’s only a single example.

In reality, there is a significantly larger amount of engines, transmissions, and truck models. In a way, the possibilities for combinations are almost endless. Feel free to do some research, and find whichever combo suits your needs the best.

For further reference, the highest amounts you could ever get would only be available with a full-sized truck accompanied by a V8 engine. Nonetheless, that’s kind of a heavy-duty option, which could be a little more ahead of what you truly need.

The cab size and bed length combo

When it comes to trucks, they typically appear in the form of four-door crew cabs, accompanied by a 5 feet long bed.

Nonetheless, several manufacturers pride themselves on offering either more discreet vehicles or more packed ones.

For instance, the 2020 Nissan Frontier offers an extended-cab version, accompanied by a 6-foot bed. On the other hand, the 2020 Ford Ranger comes with a two cab and bed combo.

This particular feature will get the highest tow ratings out of the trucks with the largest cabs when it comes to this specific feature.

An example of this phenomenon comes in the form of the 2020 Nissan Titan XD. With a crew cab and a 6.5-footbed, you’ll get tow ratings as high as 11,000 pounds.

Should I opt for a two-wheel drive or a four-wheel drive?

Finally, there’s the matter of two and four-wheel drives.

Overall, two-wheel drives offer more towable amounts than their four-wheel counterparts. However, the latter does provide greater traction while driving.

This helpful feature often comes into play if your drives tend to face wet roads, snowy roads, or even muddy roads.

In essence, depending on how your drives might look, it might be worth it to sacrifice a few towable pounds to balance out the quality of your driving experience.

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